About Us

  • Vision & Mission
  • Objectives
  • Kholwani Primary School
  • Signature Bins Intiative


Encouraging Communities to inspire successes with their Signatures


Develop programmes that promote positive learning environments and social upliftment initiatives

  • Develop a strong network of supporters for the campaign to ensure longevity
  • Raise awareness around the importance of reading
  • Expose underprivileged students to the possibilities available to them
  • Develop community centres that are beneficial to the community at large
  • Implement programmes that continue the growth and improvement of learning institutions in the various communities

Kholwani Primary School

Kholwani is a simply Zulu word that means “BELIEVE” the primary school was constructed in 1956 on a steeped terrace earthwork platform. It is situated in Jabulani Soweto. The school consists of modular brick wall classrooms founded on concrete foundation and concrete flooring. Given the age of the school it is expected that several services have reached the end of their serviceability limit state and may need replacement.

As the primary school it offers curriculum from Grade 0-4 with 16 teachers and 565 Learners. The school is a no fee school under Section 21 “I do not have a bank account or even One Rand on my pocket, but I believe we can change this school to state of the art institution” these were the simply words by Musa Mbele-Radebe to the school’s Principal five years back. Kholwani Primary School gave birth to the formation of Sandis’ Ubuntu Foundation through the founders simply yet ambitious dream we were able to achieve a solid partnership with Kholwani that has allowed us to see great development around the school.

Signature Bins Initiative

Signature Bins was developed off the concept of Signature Library. Owh Yeah Arts in partnership with the Signature Library is aiming to reach the minds of young and old South Africans by creating an awareness of giving meaning to meaning less objects, but specifically bins. This campaign is about pledging on one’s dreams which might seem meaningless to others, the idea is to influence change in attitude on how we used to see our dreams and the community around us. The concept of painting bins is also about changing someone’s perspective on how they see themselves, and giving them a positive attitude about how they look or feel about themselves. The concept hopes to unleash the best in us, hence it is said that “just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly”.